Our Approach

We feel that all equine, from donkeys to horses, deserve a healthy, happy life in a loving home and we work diligently to provide that for them.

Our mission is to improve the lives of equines by educating and helping owners, assisting law enforcement agencies, rehabilitating abused and neglected equines, and placing them into safe, permanent homes.

Our Story

When we saw images of horses waiting to ship across the border to slaughter, we had no idea that some had originated right here in our home state. Once we realized that equine were selling and shipping to slaughter out of a sale barn we passed routinely, for years, we knew we had to help them.  We regularly attend auction to save horses at risk of being purchased for slaughter, or already in a bad situation, as well as taking in neglect cases and the occasional owner surrender.

Meet Our Team


Joy Reynolds


Jennifer Aylesworth
Vice President/Secretary


Next Steps…

We need volunteers! We need all kinds of volunteers! We need fundraising volunteers, we need mucking volunteers, we need trainers, we need groomers! If you are willing to help us and work – please email us with the type of work you are willing to do!  Thank you!

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