Roxie is 25 years old and was rescued off a Louisiana cheap horses Facebook page, where she was offered to trade for tack. She suffered two critical episodes of choke when she first came, but she is doing well on her refeeding protocol – which is alfalfa only. She will be with us for a while until she is back to healthy weight and is able to be evaluated for adoption!  Roxy needs a sponsor!



Claudia is a 30 year old mare rescued emaciated from Carthage auction. She is refeeding well. Claudia needs a sponsor!



Leah, 6 year old mare with severe psychological trauma. She has an old neck injury and is not rideable. Sanctuary unless adopted as a companion but would have to be a very experienced owner. She can be dangerous if scared. She needs a sponsor



Dolly is an 18 year old Percheron mare. When the owners had to move they were going to take her to auction. Dolly needs a sponsor!



Callan, 11 months old was rescued from auction with his emaciated mother. He had a severe leg wound. He had dead bone removed and will never be rideable. He is adoptable as a companion pasture pet, but he will remain here as long as he needs sanctuary. Callan needs a sponsor!



Beaux is Buck’s companion horse.  and he needs a sponsor!  When Buck first came here, all the others hated him. I tried from the sweetest mama mares to a 4 month old colt. They all tried to hurt him.  Beaux was at auction at the same time, and Joy contacted the buyer and got him back, as he was the only one we knew that would accept him. So he didn’t have to live alone.  Beaux needs a sponsor – Buck has one!



Buck needs a sponsor! Buck was rescued from the Carthage, MS auction with a fracture to his C2 & C3.  He was going to be shot at the auction house – so we brought him in as a sanctuary horse. Beaux is his companion horse. In the picture Buck is on the left, Beaux is on the right.  Please sponsor Buck!


Hay, Farrier, Vet Fund

In addition to feed, all of our horses are on a regular farrier and vet schedule. Please help us with these costs!  Thank you!

Farrier/Vet/Dental Fund