Roxie came to us by way of a for sale ad on Facebook where the owner said she was a good pony anyone could ride and he would sell her for 100 dollars or trade for tools. Her photos where alarming, she was emaciated and no one had any business riding her. We had someone nearby (she was in a neighboring state) secure her and she was brought to us the following week. When she arrived she had been choking for almost 24 hours. Severe damage was done to her esophagus and it was very touch and go for the first few weeks, trying to get enough nutrients in her to combat the emaciated state she was in, but allowing her esophagus to heal. She ate a strict liquid diet for almost a month, and she made it ❤️! Roxie was diagnosed with Cushings, and then later ovarian cancer. We have opted not to euthanize Roxie due to this and she is watched closely by our vet to ensure she’s not in pain or suffering in any way. Roxie continues to thrive and has such a joy for life. She really knows she was given a second chance, and she lives that way each day. Roxie is considered a hospice case, but we hope she has lots of time left here with us.

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The Oakley Family

Everyone loves the Oakley family. Separated at auction and reunited by Rocking R, they have become the official mascots of the rescue.  They have an amazing bond, and have been given sanctuary at the rescue so they will never be separated again.  All were in bad shape upon arrival, but are thriving now!
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Carolina is one of my favorite rescues this year, and ever. Carolina was saved at auction with a fractured right knee, which caused her to have dependent limb founder on the left leg. My prayer when I met her was that we could make her comfortable enough that she could live out her life here with us. We have been successful in doing so at this time with custom made shoes which she will require for the rest of her life. Carolina is the epitome of why we rescue.

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Beaux and Buck

Their story will always be my favorite. If ever there was proof of horses love for each other, for their desire to be a family unit as they are in the wild, for their need for companionship, this is it. If ever there was a hero in my eyes, it is Beaux.

Buck was originally saved at auction with a broken neck. We have told his story before but it’s worth repeating. Once seen by the vet and xrays were done and it was conclusive that the injury had fused at a 90 degree angle and surgery to attempt to correct it would possibly leave Buck paralyzed. We followed the advice to take him home and let him be a horse for as long as he could be. We brought him home and tried desperately to find him a companion in one of the horses here. From foals the gentlest mares, no one would accept him. So the mission began to locate the horse that was with him at auction, Beaux, his father.

11 days after auction they were reunited here. Beaux has made it his life’s mission to protect his son, and the love that they have for one another is something most people don’t ever get to witness. They are like one, and you will rarely see them more than few feet away from each other. Beaux is confident and strong, everything that Buck was not. He gave his son the ability to grow up and experience life, and become strong and confident just like him. I have no doubt that Buck would have went into a depression that we couldn’t pull him back out of without Beaux. Eventually, with Beaux by his side, we were able to integrate the two them into a small herd of other horses and now, years later, new horses do not seem to even notice that Buck is “different”. There’s no horse more beautiful in my eyes than Beaux and it runs so deep. He is what is good and pure in this world. We have been blessed to be their caregivers and their home for 4 years now.

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Hay, Farrier, Vet Fund

In addition to feed, all of our horses are on a regular farrier and vet schedule. Please help us with these costs!  Thank you!

Farrier/Vet/Dental Fund