Auction Rescue

Rocking R is a 501c3 non profit charitable organization. Our focus is on saving equine before they make it to the kill pens – through auction or owner release.

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Adoptable Horses

Some of our horses come ready & rideable from the auction, but many require much more – once they are ready for forever homes, you will find them here.

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Sanctuary Horses

Some horses come to RRRR to stay, due to age, abuse, unadoptability or other factors. Our sanctuary horses need sponsors and dedicated volunteers.

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Saving Horses from the Slaughter Pipeline

Initially we started rescuing horses from the kill pens, but after seeing the inside of the business, we realized that we could help horses more – and help so many more horses if we started intercepting them before the kill buyers purchased them.

As a result, we can save the horses the trauma and exposure to disease of transport into a kill pen. We attend regional auctions in Mississippi and are careful to purchase horses that the kill buyer is bidding on.

As an additional service, because we post pictures and videos prior to the auctions, we will proxy bid for individuals wanting to purchase a specific animal. We do not charge to do this, but because our space is limited, we need to have purchased equine transported rather quickly.


Next Steps…

We cannot do this alone! We need donations for hay, vet care, manpower, transport costs, with equine the list is endless.